The Horror Honeys: Slasher Hexmas ~ Lose Yourself in a Good Book

Slasher Hexmas ~ Lose Yourself in a Good Book

A Horror TV Honey Slasher Hexmas Review by Lisa

I, Madman (1989)

In a unique twist, I, Madman is a slasher for the thinking person. This movie is for all of those book lovers out there who have found themselves unable to stop reading a novel that is terrifying us. Sure, you’re home alone at night and the book you’re reading is scaring you, but what are you going to do? Stop reading it? Don’t think so. Imagine the events of the book you are reading begin to happen in your real life, though. That is the dilemma faced by Virginia in this fun and uniquely 80s horror film. 

Played by Jenny Wright (Near Dark), Virginia is a sweet girl who works at a used bookstore, is dating a handsome homicide detective and enjoys reading horror novels. Virginia becomes so engrossed while reading books by author Malcolm Brand that she imagines herself in the action. This allows for some fun scenes of Virginia becoming a character in Brand’s books, wherein she is transformed into an Old Hollywood movie star named Anna. Through unexplained circumstances, Malcolm comes to life in reality and begins killing people just like he does in his novel and Virginia must find a way to stop him.

A woman who reads & takes care of herself! GASP!
After Anna explains to the police why Brand has scalped an actress and taken the ears off of a pianist, well, they think she’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S. In their defense, telling them that a character from a book has come alive and is slicing pieces off of people in an effort to replace the ones that he sliced off of his own face is kind of hard to swallow. Thankfully, Richard (Clayton Rohner of Just One of the Guys fame) is a good boyfriend and ends up believing Virginia. It may take some pleading phone calls from Virginia, but eventually, he realizes that she’s telling the truth and the usual cat and mouse game between slasher and final girl ensues.

1989 FX.
Released in 1989, the movie certainly looks dated. Well, actually, not that much now that 80s fashion has come back around and doing throw-back horror movies is hip. Unfortunately, the special effects give it away, but they’re not hokey enough to write off the film entirely. Despite its flaws, which are mostly courtesy of the decade in which it was made, I, Madman is an 80s gem that features a smart, completely clothed female protagonist who emerges as the final girl in an endearingly nerdy way. 

Hey, girl.

I, Madman is available via Shout Factory blu-ray & DVD

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