The Horror Honeys: Saturday Slasher Cartoon - 'Who's Hungry'

Saturday Slasher Cartoon - 'Who's Hungry'

I think everyone is pretty much in agreement that Hansel & Gretel is one of the most effed up kid's stories in history. But of course, there is no question that the story of two children who are lured into a witches' house to be eaten could always be worse. And thanks to animator David Ochs, we officially know that worse is... It is this week's deliciously creepy Saturday Morning Cartoon, Who's Hungry!

Created by Ochs when he was a freshman (A FUCKING FRESHMAN) at CalArts, Who's Hungry re-tells Hansel & Gretel in the modern day, with an ice cream man, a touch of childhood obesity, and a hefty dose of stranger danger. This black and white treasure goes beyond Burton-esque to a level of childlike depravity that I don't think even Tim Burton could conceive of in his most addled, Depp-free state. And you will love every second of it.

My suggestion? Turn the lights down low and the sound up high as you watch Who's Hungry. You need to appreciate every bone-crunchingly disgusting, beautiful, horrifying moment of this genius creepy cartoon.

Have a creepy Saturday, kids! And remember, don't take ice cream from strangers. ~ Advice from the Revenge Honey...
who makes great poison ice cream.