The Horror Honeys: Saturday Slasher Cartoon - 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer'

Saturday Slasher Cartoon - 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer'

Previously, we featured this interpretation of "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" as a Honey Jam, but it just seemed far too perfect a choice to kick off a Hexmas full of slashers! So join us as we once again visit little Maxwell and his silver hammer of nefarious misdeeds...

What kind of song would it take Paul McCartney ages to write and then, when it was finally finished, piss off the rest of the Beatles royally? Only "Maxwell's Silver Hammer": a jaunty little tune about murderous boy who simply can't stop bopping people over the head with hammer and you know, bashing their brains out. That's right! This upbeat pop tune that your parents would play in the car is actually a song about people getting their skulls destroyed with a giant hammer. I frigging LOVE Paul McCartney. I mean... seriously.

And for added fun, enjoy this ADORABLE little cartoon interpretation of Maxwell and his antics from HotDiggedyDemon! ~RH