The Horror Honeys: Saturday Slasher Cartoon ~ 'I Live in the Woods'

Saturday Slasher Cartoon ~ 'I Live in the Woods'

Some horror cartoons are cute and cuddly. Some horror cartoons are dark and terrifying. And some horror cartoons, like Max Winston's I Live in the Woods, will totally fuck you up and leave you curled up in a ball on your bed, crying for the loss of your eyeball innocence.

So yeah, let's get this party started.

With I Live in the Woods, animator Max Winston (Uncle Grandpa) created a piece of stop motion gore insanity that must watched twice MINIMUM to be truly understood. Mediations on religion, the meaning of god in American culture, and violence are encapsulated in what first just seems like really bloody chaos.

Of which yes, there is a lot.
All of that being said, I Live in the Woods IS something much heavier than it might seem. Which is why it's a shockingly effective horror cartoon. Just, maybe, don't watch with the kids around.

As always, 

Happy Saturday, Spooky Kids!

Max Winston