The Horror Honeys: Honey Trailer Buzz ~ The 'Jurassic World' of 1978!

Honey Trailer Buzz ~ The 'Jurassic World' of 1978!

About as subtle as a sledgehammer.
I made NO secret of the fact that I despised Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World (you can listen to me rant on a special episode of The Silver Screen Scarehouse). I thought it was lazy, cynical, and more than vaguely misogynist. I never imagined being remotely interesting in anything having to do with this movie again.

Yet, somehow, YouTube-er ChiefBrodyRules has managed to craft a Jurassic World I AM oddly stoked about, by venturing into the past. Because let's be honest...

Raquel Welch would have kicked Bryce Dallas Howard's ass, in heels OR barefoot.

This is still hilarious. Forever.
Composed from various 70s sci-fi classics, 1978 Jurassic World is a movie I would pay ANYTHING to see at this point. Maybe the trailer is enough to erase the memory of the film from my head. Here's hoping.

In the meantime, ENJOY!

And just because, as usual, Screen Junkies nails it, the Honest Trailer for Jurassic World...

(Source: The Mary Sue)