The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Opening Credits for AHS Hotel

Honey Buzz ~ Opening Credits for AHS Hotel

Ding ding, bitch.
With the premiere of the newest season of American Horror Story FAST approaching, it's becoming harder and harder to avoid the teasers that have been flooding the interwebs. Last season, the AHS promo team hit some solid gold with the release of some of the best teasers for anything that I've ever seen. Posters, videos, music... it was amazing. While it seems almost unfair to say that the season didn't actually live up the to the promo, it really didn't for me. Which is like saying "the trailer is better" (which I've never said, but you get the idea). For Hotel, I've been trying to actively avoid all of the promos and teasers, instead trying to just read about it - and so far, I'm still highly intrigued... even after finding out that Lady Gaga is supposed to be a vampire which actually annoys the shit out of me, because she's kind of a literal vampire for fashion and music... I love me some Mother Monster, but girl, please.

Back to business. On his YouTube channel, Mr Ryan Murphy has released the opening credits for Season 5 of AHS, and I kind of love it. I know I'm not the only one who's wandered the halls of a hotel late at night wondering what is going on behind closed doors and down darkened hallways - especially when it comes to older hotels. We've all seen The Shining, The Innkeepers, and Four Rooms, right? Essential viewing for travellers of all kinds. Hotels are transient, secretive, private and yet public at the same time. A place to see and be seen... or not be seen while you observe. Obviously playing on the many secrets that a hotel can hold both past and present, Season 5's opening credits have me hooked, and I'm pretty sure there are plans to break every single neon commandment. Can have one of those? It would look great in my hallway or above the bed...

I'm a firm believer in the theory that the seasons are catching different hot points for viewers - if you loved Season 1 (which you should), you'll love Season 3 (I kinda did), but Season 2 and Season 4 just won't resonate for you - which was kinda true too. I was into Season 2 up until the alien bullshit started. Asylum was uncomfortable in the very BEST way and wish that Murphy had stuck with showing that shameful history of the relationship between medicine and mental health. Coven was amazing... despite Emma Roberts, but it lost me at Stevie Nicks and the last few episodes. Freakshow didn't grab me like I hoped it would, but I hate to say that I have higher hopes for Hotel... not quite on the level of Murder House, but the potential is there (and the opening credits seem to suggest that's the level of cray cray that we're in for.

LOL yeah right.


What becomes problematic is when we add the series hints and descriptions that have been leaked over the past few months.  There's the "fun and bizarre" story of tragic serial killer Aileen Wournos, some "sexy as hell" druggies, and host of other potential issues. When I tell you that I'll be watching for Denis O'Hare, best believe that.

What do YOU think of these opening credits? 
Will YOU be checking tuning in on October 7th?

Awwww :(

I'm not making ANY more Hotel themed comments. It's not clever anymore. It stopped being clever months ago.