The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Bethesda releases new Fallout 4 Trailer "Wanderer"

Honey Buzz ~ Bethesda releases new Fallout 4 Trailer "Wanderer"

If you were anything like me, when Fallout Shelter came out for iOS and Galaxy you downloaded that shit right away - played through the bugs, freaked out at the radroach infestations and bred yourself a vault full of awesome... didn't you? I totally fucking did.

Fallout Shelter was supposed to get us revved up for the November 10 release of Fallout 4, and I'm pretty sure it's done a very good job of getting us there.

What's in the trailer: With a generous mix of live action and CGI, an intrepid dweller from Vault 111 emerges to explore the Wasteland. A stonecold badass, our hero pops a couple of roaches and takes on some ghouls - also, his bestest friend Dogmeat is back, which is awesome. Plus, if you ever wondered what that heavy battle suit your Fallout Shelter dwellers put on when they were feeling sexy looked like in the game, wonder no more, it looks badass as fuck. Like Ironman, but... y'know, not as fancy or filled with Robert Downey Jr.

Cue all the hand flapping.