The Horror Honeys: Hexmas Friday Favorites ~ Michael Myers Victims!

Hexmas Friday Favorites ~ Michael Myers Victims!

How could we possibly kick off a Hexmas full of slashers without paying tribute to one of the greatest slashers of them all, Michael Myers? Sure, he's had his share of massive fails, but like any good slasher, we forgive them. However, one thing that Mikey is never lacking in are memorable murders! From his original stockpile of teen victims to his later body count that featured more than a few unfortunate members, Michael Myers has amassed quite the impressive collection of dead people. So to usher in the beginning of Hexmas, the Honeys have chosen their favorite folks who have died at Michael's hand!

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Head Honey Kat ~ Laurie Strode in Halloween Resurrection - it made me sad, and it was a stupid death and should have totally fucking ended that series, OMG.
That's just disappointing on so many levels.

Revenge Honey Linnie ~ Adam Arkin in Halloween H20… just because I love his face.

Sci-Fi Honey 2.0 Katie ~ Bob in the original Halloween. He's the one pinned to the wall with a knife... Michael's cocked head is a classic moment.
Should have ducked, Bob.

Supernatural Honey Suzanne ~ Annie in the original Halloween. Bitch shoulda' looked in the back seat!

Horror TV Honey Lisa ~ A second vote for Bob!
Not Bob.

Zombie Honey Bella ~ Halloween II - I always knew boiling away in a therapy tub was bad for you. Also, for arguments sake, we could say that Halloween III was killed by Michael Myers since everyone was pissed he wasn’t in it and the intention wasn’t to bring him back - and yet, we got a Halloween IV with Michael Myers. He killed The Season of The Witch!
Bummer. So much for relaxing.

Monster Honey Jennica ~ Jamie in Halloween 6. I know it's a different actor and she's all grown up in 6, but the character of Jamie always annoyed me in Halloween 4 and 5. Good riddance. #sorrynotsorry
Did you just double... in... size? Okay, whatever.