The Horror Honeys: Friday Favorites ~ Stupidest Teenager in a Slasher Film!

Friday Favorites ~ Stupidest Teenager in a Slasher Film!

Sometimes, you have to wonder if the sole purpose of purpose of horror films is to make people hate teenagers (not that teenagers don't do a damn fine job of that on their own). But, in a sea of obnoxious, entitled brats, some of them tend to stand out a little more than others. Whether they whine and complain while running from Jason or whine and complain while running from... well... Jason, some teenagers just make you want to smash their faces in.

But one thing is for damn certain... We all hate Franklin.

Who do YOU think is the stupidest teenager in a slasher film? Let us know on Twitter, using #stupidhorrorteens!

Head Honey Kat ~ Shelly from Friday the 13th part 3 - I fucking hated Shelly. 

Revenge Honey Linnie ~ Was Franklin in TCM supposed to be a teenager? Whatever. Hate him.

Sci-Fi Honey 2.0 Katie ~ Michelle (Natasha Gregson Wagner) in Urban Legend. Killed for her bad singing & inability to look in the backseat before she gets in the car.

Supernatural Honey Suzanne ~ Amy (Elizabeth Berridge) from The Funhouse. She does nothing but stand around and scream, and somehow, lives to see the end.

Horror TV Honey Lisa ~ Every single person in Smiley.

Slasher Honey Chassity ~ Every single idiot in the Friday the 13th remake. What a bunch of assholes who deserved to die. But not Jared Padalecki though. 

Zombie Honey Bella ~ Judy in Friday the 13th: Part VII. That whole - you can’t see them, so they can’t see you thing… it doesn’t work in a fucking sleeping bag.

Monster Honey Jennica ~ The Shit Sisters in Sleepaway Camp II