The Horror Honeys: Fear the Walking Dead: Season 1, FINALE ~ The Good Man

Fear the Walking Dead: Season 1, FINALE ~ The Good Man

A Horror TV Honey Recap by Lisa

The first season of Fear The Walking Dead started off a little too slow for some people, but the time that was invested in building each character was well worth the wait because this season finale catered to each persons faults and strengths. Much like the most hated season of The Walking Dead (season 2), viewers were put off by the amount of dialogue involved. For the hundredth, millionth time, this is a dramatic series. People talk about stuff and thangs at length in dramatic, episodic television; walker carnage is just a bonus. Yes, it is a part of the story and it is guaranteed to be shown, but we are not being sold an action film. Also, how are you supposed to care about anyone dying if you dont know anything about them and, therefore, really dont care about them? If you just want to watch random people die, may I suggest The Raid?

Dealing with the fall out of Daniels House Bolton homage, all of our players are forced to make a decision about just what kind of survivor they want to be. 

Andrew talks himself out of getting shot by Daniel, but just barely. Its Travis who takes on the responsibility of sparing his life only to have Madison chide him for it. Just when Travis thinks he gets to take the moral high road, she comes back at him with the very valid point that if it was Chris that was being detained, Travis would do anything to rescue him. It looks like getting through the zombie apocalypse is the real test of a marriage. Well, that and a day at Ikea.

And there goes my only medical help...
Andrew then pleads, Theres no story here that doesnt end with me dead,” and Travis lets him go. Travis, your good nature is going to bite you in the ass a lot sooner than you think. Like, in the parking garage when Andrew conveniently shows up with an agenda of revenge.

Meanwhile, Daniel is left to explain himself to Ofelia who is, understandably, angry upon finding out that her father used to torture people. Ofelia is going to have to get in line behind Travis on that moral high ground, though. When her father asks if she would prefer that he had been the one who had been tortured, its a very good question. Daniel never hid his past from Ofelia, but he also never explicitly said who he was in the torture scenario and I refuse to believe that Ofelia never considered the possibility that her father was the bad guy. You cannot be raised by a man like Daniel and assume that he was the victim, nor, can you convince your new boyfriend to come into the compound and then act shocked when you see what happened to him. No way Daniel and Griselda, two people who did anything they had to do in order to survive a war, raised a wilting daisy of a daughter. Me thinks Ofelia may be a bit of a wolf in disguise.

I enjoy Daniel. He's very pragmatic.
Question: why did they leave the two weakest links alone in the parking garage? I was hoping it meant that they would perish in there, but somehow theyre still alive when the warrior group returns from storming the compound. Seriously, Alicia and Chris need to be a little less bratty and a lot more helpful.

In an extremely convenient turn of events, Madison, Travis, Daniel, Ofelia, Nick, Strand, and Liza all find one another just in time to rescue Nick and Strand from a group of walkers. Nick does the first non-selfish thing since we met him when he tells his mom to let him go and save herself and this was a nice moment that may have won over any naysayers of why Nick is still alive. This selfless act was unnecessary, though, because Liza arrives just in the knick of time to swipe her keycard a maddening number of times before that fucking door opens! 

For some viewers, this show may lack in action and suspense, but when a horde of walkers comes out of nowhere, the action is turned up to an 11. So is the emotional tension when Travis finally loses his patience and goes all caveman on Andrew. While everyone else idly stands by, Chris has a Come To Jesus moment that will surely color the way he views his father going forward. I dont know that Andrew deserved that level of brutality, but now that Travis has unleashed his beast, perhaps it will be easier for him and Madison to lead their children to safety.

I like Mr. Strand. I like him a lot.
All though this ordeal, Madison has maintained an almost eerily calm demeanor. She seems to have no qualms with walking away from people who are ready to end their lives, or in the case of Liza, do it for them. This is not an indictment, but an observation. In fact, I do hope that everyone observed the fact that it was the women who always came through, both emotionally and physically, when it really mattered. Strand is spot on when he says, The only way to survive a mad world is to embrace the madness,and its Madison, Liza, Ofelia and Alicia who have demonstrated the most practicality and fearlessness. 

Liza didnt want Travis to be the one who shot her because she said that it would break him. Madison was right to give him the gun and let him do it, though, because it broke the last bit of weakness in him. It was heartbreaking to see the aftermath of this action, but just like Carl shooting his mom on TWD, Travis needed to do this. Huge kudos to Cliff Curtis and Kim Dickens for that closing scene. 

I can see Russia!
The term slow burnhas become as grating and overused as the term torture porn," but thats what FTWD is. Its slow burn horror and its good. This first season has been uneven, but, overall, its been a solid six episode introduction. With all of our characters firmly in place, Im excited to see what happens when they take this show out onto the ocean. 

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  • Would you warn all of your neighbors about Cobalt?
  • When Daniel approaches the military barrier, one of the men makes the observation that Daniel isnt a walker because, They dont use tools, man.Interesting
  • Everyone has caught up with Nick? Survivors of a viral outbreak are on par with a heroin addict? Ugh.
  • I really thought Liza would see season 2, but I guess they need her back on Orange Is The New Black. 
  • The shot that killed Liza will alert the walkers in the area, yes?
  • Well, everyone wanted to know what would happen if people tried to find salvation at sea and it looks like well find out next season.
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