The Horror Honeys: AHS Fan Art Gallery - Part II: Interview with Jamie Brewer

AHS Fan Art Gallery - Part II: Interview with Jamie Brewer

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Welcome back, freaks! While I perused the walls of fan art at the Hero Complex Gallery, I was honored to have the opportunity to speak with Jamie Brewer ("Adelaide," "Nan") about her experience working on American Horror Story, her upcoming film project, and her influence on the disabled community.
Jamie Brewer and Naomi Grossman at the AHS Freakshow launch

Interview with Jamie Brewer:

MH: Hi, Jamie. It's so nice to meet you. Are their any pieces in the gallery that you particularly like?
JB: There's a variety. It's amazing being here, actually.
MH: It's great to have you here. Are you interested in purchasing any of the pieces tonight?
JB: I intended to, but I don't know which ones. It also depends on who has the [credit] card [laughing]. 
MH: [Laughing]. So, aside from your characters in AHS, who would you say is your favorite character? Or what is a favorite story that you have?
JB: Any of them. History wise, one of the biggest ones I know people always promote is Jessica Lange. But one story that is really neat is "Pepper's." It's kind of neat how it's translated in the show, with Asylum and Freak Show, and one of the episodes called "Orphan" that shows the reason she got into it [the freak show]. That's why I like the characters that have history.
MH: I love "Pepper." She's amazing!
JB: Naomi Grossman. She is a really good friend. Really sweet. And an amazing personality. But there's really a wide variety of great characters.
MH: As far as the characters that you have portrayed so far, every one of them has been a fan favorite. What does that mean to you as an artist?
JB: It means the world and it's an amazing feeling. People come up to me and relate to the topics of whatever character they see. In the first season, I had received a lot of feedback from people in the disabled community. One of the biggest things within that season had to do with DS, Down Syndrome, and "Adelaide" had qualities of Down Syndrome. I could portray any character. I mean, I'm not trying to clarify anything. I've played a variety of characters that don't pinpoint disability even though in the first season, it spoke from the disabled community. It started from there. In Freak Show, however, there is a lot more that focuses on physical disabilities and not just mental disabilities. From the smallest woman Jyoti Amge-- I don't remember the height, but she was the smallest woman-- to "Amazon Eve" who was the tallest woman. Phenomenal women.
MH: Speaking of the disabled community, in February, you were the first person with Down Syndrome to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week. That's huge! What was that experience like?
JB: It was quite amazing. Designer Carrie Hammer drew inspiration for the dress from AHS. It's kind of neat how many lengths a fan can go within a show in showing how much of a fan they are. From art that we are seeing here [in the gallery], the fan art, to Fashion Week.
MH: Your appearance at Fashion Week was one of the best things I've read this year.
JB: Yeah, it's phenomenal. It's huge.
MH: So, as far as AHS: Hotel, do you have any predictions for the upcoming season?
JB: There are some. All I can say is keep your TVs ready.
MH: Oh, cool. I'm definitely ready. Are we going to see more of you this season?
JB: I hope so. I just don't know where and when I'm going to be. A lot of that rests on the writers' room and the main writer Brad Falchuck, and all the directors... and the main director, that I call a father because in some way he is, Ryan Murphy. He brings together an amazing team of writers, directors, and cast. And it's incredible every season. Every season is different, so every year Ryan announces that a certain number of cast members will be back in some capacity. So, with Hotel, there's a possibility that I probably might. I just don't know where in the season. My guess-- and this is only a guess-- is that my character might be near the end of the season. We're still filming, still in production.
MH: Oh, so it's still a surprise, still a mystery.
JB: Yeah.
MH: I'll be on the lookout for you. So, do you have any upcoming projects that you're working on?
JB: Yeah, I'm promoting this one movie and it's called Snow Moon. It's based on a book about life from the author Alexandria Altman, and it's about her personal life within the framework of Cinderella. The book is called Cinderella Chronicles: Snow Moon.
MH: What character are you playing?
JB: I'm a fairy. A fairy of the night by the name of "Aurora."
MH: I look forward to checking that out. You're really an amazing performer. 
JB: There are other projects that I know some of the other AHS family members are a part of. There are a variety of them that I know are in different shows. Just a shout out, I support every single AHS family member.
MH: That is just wonderful. You guys have been together for quite a while.
JB: Ever since the first season.
MH: The final question is one that we always ask all of our interview prey at The Horror Honeys. What is your favorite horror movie?
JB: There's actually a wide variety. There's one that I want people to know about and it's been out, but it's a movie called The Town That Dreaded Sundown.
MH: The original or the remake?
JB: Both. They're both linked. So, that's one of my favorites.
MH: I loved them! Well, thank you and it was so good to meet you.
JB: Thank you.

Once again, if you are an AHS freak in the Los Angeles area, scurry on over to the Hero Complex Gallery to feast your eyes on the masterful artwork of some of AHS's most diehard fans. The gallery will be open to the public through October 18th.

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