The Horror Honeys: AHS Fan Art Gallery - Part I: Interview with Naomi Grossman

AHS Fan Art Gallery - Part I: Interview with Naomi Grossman

A Monster Honey Q&A by Jennica

Greetings, freaks! On Friday, October 2nd, Fox Home Entertainment as well as yours ghouly celebrated the Blu-ray and DVD release of American Horror Story: Freak Show with elaborate fan art displayed at the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. The artwork in the gallery ranged from character sketches, to painted portraits, to three-dimensional sculptures inspired by each season, all of which reflect the extent that AHS has appealed to and influenced fans of the show aesthetically.

Joining the evening's parade of freaks were Naomi Grossman ("Pepper the Pinhead") and Jamie Brewer ("Adelaide," "Nan"), both of whom became Monster Honey prey in exclusive interviews.

Interview with Naomi Grossman:

MH: Thank you so much for meeting with me, Naomi. Do you have any favorite pieces in the gallery tonight?
NG: Yes, I've already purchased them.
MH: Which have you purchased, may I ask?
NG: Well, I'm not going to lie. I'm obviously partial to my own character but that's normal, I think. You know, it's moving to see that your art has inspired other art. Besides, you know, one day there may be a book, or an exhibit, or something.
MH: So, of the AHS seasons so far, is there a favorite character that you have besides your own? Or a favorite story?
NG: Yeah, like I said, I am biased. But... uh... you mean if I were to play another main character, who would I be?
MH: Sure.
NG: You know, I feel like Frances Conroy always gets the best roles, or at least the best wardrobe. I mean, you know, I am an actress and best wardrobe is best role sometimes, at least in the case of "Dandy." Yeah, he scored last season. But, yeah, "Myrtle Snow" is just so bonkers. And, of course, the angel. I love the duality or sort of dichotomy between her butchy Asylum... and the flip side of the dark angel. But that is something that Ryan [Murphy] does so masterfully, his super complex characters that look like they're one thing and then they're another. "Sister Mary Eunice." That's another one. Again, it's like playing two parts. Even "Pepper" in a way. We had the playful early "Pepper" and then the evolved "Pepper."  
MH: Yeah, she seems to be a favorite character for a lot of people. Since your character is a fan favorite, what does that mean to you as an artist?
NG: It's like being the popular kid in school. If you try to be, it doesn't work. [Laughing]. So, I wasn't the popular kid in school but I wasn't a geek or anything. But, you know, it's nice to feel chosen. Especially since, once again, it isn't something that you can manufacture. You can't go into something going "I'm going to steal the show." Just no. You do your work and it hopefully resonates with people. But there's no telling what the audience will resonate with. Asylum is actually a perfect example. You look around that day room and there are so many crazies. And it's like, golly, any one of us could be the fan favorite because there was just so much... not just talent, but just crazy [laughing]. In one room, you know.
MH: There was certainly a little of everything in that room. That was one of my favorite seasons.
NG: Mine too!
MH: So, would you say that was your absolute favorite season?
NG: Well, as a participant, I would say Freak Show just because we were on location so it was a little bit of a different experience. It was like being at camp, you know? [Laughing]. We were all staying together in this freak dorm, essentially, so we had a chance to kind of bond in a way that you can't when you're at home. When you're at home, you just drive to set, clock in and clock out, and go back to your lives. I didn't have a life in New Orleans to go back to. And besides, my role was so much meatier in Freak Show, so that has a lot to do with it. As a viewer, I might choose Asylum though. I don't know, I need to resee it. With Freak Show, I didn't have cable in the hotel, so the freaks and I would go to a place called The Country Club, which was a... clothing optional... sort of country club. There was a huge bar and they would throw drinks at us while they threw a big party for us every Wednesday. So, it's hard not to love that. Although, obviously my perception of the show is tainted because other people are watching me as I watch it, as alcohol is flowing. I probably need to go back and just watch it cooly and collectedly in my own home like I saw Asylum. Like when I saw Asylum, I would stay up late at night and go to a friend's because I also didn't have cable at the time and he would nudge me, "Naomi, you're on TV!" And I was like, "Oh, it's so late. I can't stay up." So, that was probably a less biased viewing environment.
MH: Very cool. So, do you have any upcoming projects that you're working on and would like to share?
NG: Yeah, well, I've become this horror person, apparently. Who knew? I always thought I was a comedian, but we don't choose our paths sometimes. So, I just did a horror film called Fear, Inc. and I'll be starting another horror film-- or zomcom to be very specific-- in a couple months, so I'm keeping busy.
MH: Wow, that's great! I like to keep busy myself. Finally, there is one question that we ask everyone at The Horror Honeys. What is your favorite horror movie?
NG: Oh, gosh. Hmm...
MH: It's okay to choose a few.
NG: Yeah, I can't choose just one. I love Rosemary's Baby. That counts as a horror movie, right?
MH: Oh, definitely!
NG: I love The Shining, I love A Clockwork Orange, I love Vertigo, and The Birds...
MH: Okay, so more psychological horror?
NG: Definitely more psychological and definitely more sort of vintage art house.
MH: That's awesome. Well, thank you for hanging out. 
NG: Oh, you're so welcome. Thank you!

Keep your eyes peeled for my interview with the lovely Jamie Brewer who talks of her experience working on AHS, her mad respect for her fellow cast members, and her strides within the disabled community.

If you are an AHS freak in the Los Angeles area, head over to the Hero Complex Gallery at 2020 S. Robertson Drive and stare in awe at the fan art imitating your favorite nightmares. The gallery will be opened to the public through October 18th.

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