The Horror Honeys: Vamps: Who Knew Vampires Could Be So Adorable?

Vamps: Who Knew Vampires Could Be So Adorable?

A Slasher Honey Vampire Month Review by Chassity

Vamps (2012)

Every time you turn your attention to the internet lately, someone is always blogging about how confusing and tough it is to be in your 20s. And as someone who’s freaking out because my crazy 20-something days are almost over, I can absolutely relate. 

But, imagine being in in your 20s… for two long, frustrating, decades. 

That’s what Vamps is all about. 

Vamps takes an entirely different approach to the typical vampire movie, and as someone who’s not normally a fan of the subgenre, this is what made it one of those rare gems for me.

Goody (Alicia Silverstone) and Stacy (Krysten Ritter) are two vampires “stemmed” from the most diva of vampires, Sigourney Weaver. What this means is that they get to have all the fun of a vampire, and remain gorgeous young women in their twenties, as long as their stem is alive. If she dies, they’ll return to being human. 

Except for that whole daytime fear thing, it sounds like a pretty charmed life, right? Well, maybe if it didn’t mean being in a perpetual Groundhog’s Day, reliving the most turbulent time in anyone’s life, trying to keep up with the way modern young hipsters talk and all the new technology. Oh, and how tiresome dealing with immature guys in their 20s gets when mentally you’re in your 40s. And what if you don’t want to have to kill humans to survive? How do you deal with the pressure and temptation to do so? 

Even vampires have gal pals. Science.
And, honestly, that’s at the heart of what Vamps is: a hilarious horror comedy masquerading the fact that it’s kind of a commentary on ageism, the extended adolescence that one’s 20s have become, and the conflicting lifestyles within this decade. There are a lot of great quips about iPhones, iPods, social media, the immaturity of 20-something men, abbreviations, and the general millennial insecurity and lack of wisdom. And there is not a moment of it that isn’t hilarious, adorable, and endearing.

I fell in love with this movie based on the trailer alone. And if you like horror comedies and were a fan of Clueless, so will you. Written and directed by Amy Heckerling, it’s basically Clueless if Cher were in her 20s instead of teens, and were a vampire. Goody and her best friend Stacy are just as hopeless and lovable as Cher and Dionne, and just as well meaning. Everything is a metaphor for something in real life, and past all the age specific humor and horror elements, there’s also a romantic comedy. 

That's uh... no comment.
There is not one thing I don’t love about this movie. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s super cute, funny, heartwarming, and for me it would pass the Lisa Fremont "Three Viewings In a Row" test.

And, just in case the idea of a vampire comedy version of Clueless wasn’t enough to sell you on this great chose for Vampire Month: Ladies, it also has Dan Stevens. 

Enough said? I’d definitely say so. 

Slasher Honey Vampire Month Rating: 5 Glittery Coffins out of 5

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