The Horror Honeys: Vampire Wednesday Jam ~ 'Vampire Love'

Vampire Wednesday Jam ~ 'Vampire Love'

Victorian repression, I fantasize
Chromium lips and metallic eyes
The reverse cowgirl death defies
Virginal sinners tell sadistic lies
Tonight I want you in my arms
It's not the end, no
Tonight I'll place you safe from harm
It's not the end, no
Soul searching on your knees
The time is always now for eternity
Black death market uniform
Submit unto my kiss and you'll be reborn

Northern Irish alt-rock band Ash is one of those groups that you've either been listening to for decades or you don't have the foggiest idea who they are. If you like your alt-rock a little on the heavy side, I suggest you check them out. But either way, their song "Vampire Love" is a well-crafted, catchy, and slightly ridiculous dive into the origin of the vampire myth. So grab a glass of red wine, set it down so you don't spill, and then get ready to bang your head, because tonight's Honey Jam is a killer! ~RH