The Horror Honeys: Vampire Undead Thursday Jam ~ 'Fire in the Water'

Vampire Undead Thursday Jam ~ 'Fire in the Water'

Love's the sweetest feeling
Openly believing
No matter what we find there
Come back in through the eyes there
Sole and born creation
The lion's in the house
Flowers are up in the air
Crashing against the dark
Fire in the water
Is the body of our love
Nobody should see this
The freeness of the light

I think we can all agree that there is little to love about what Stephanie Meyer inflicted on us with the Twilight saga. Anti-feminism, briefly ruining both vampires and werewolves (thank you Only Lovers Left Alive and What We Do in the Shadows for making both cool again), shaming any teens with the gall to not be virgins... The steps the horror community had taken forward were kicked fifty steps backward by this dumpster fire of a series. However, one good thing to come out of it? The music. All five soundtracks featured multiple kick-ass songs, which was shocking given how vanilla the movies were. So tonight, we're featuring Feist's "Fire in the Water," from Breaking Dawn: Part 2. Our suggestion? Listen to the soundtracks, skip the movies. ~RH