The Horror Honeys: Vampire TV Tuesday Jam ~ 'Cannonball'

Vampire TV Tuesday Jam ~ 'Cannonball'

I know you, little libertine
I know you're a cannonball
I'll be your whatever you want
The bong in this reggae song
Spitting in a wishing well
Blown to hell
I'm the last splash

Like any good 90s alt-rock girl, I loved the shit out of The Breeders. I listened to their album "Last Spalsh" like it was my job, and of course, "Cannonball" was one of my favorite tracks. Since 1993, the song has been used more times than I can count in various films and television shows, but most recently, "Canonball" was featured in the finale of True Blood. As a gang of vamps played a game of daylight volleyball, high on Bill's blood, The Breeders played in the background, and it was perfection. Because nothing says, "Hey vampires... you might be taking some ill-advised chances there," better than badass 90s rock with nonsensical lyrics. ~RH