The Horror Honeys: Vampire Tuesday Jam ~ 'Strange Love'

Vampire Tuesday Jam ~ 'Strange Love'

Strange love
Cutest thing I ever seen
You remind me of something
That I have seen in a dream
Can I take you out to dinner
Some place where we can be alone?
Tell you how much I love you
Then let me hold you in my arms

What better way to end the last Horror TV Tuesday of Vampire Month than with the song that kicked off the series True Blood? (Yes, once upon a time, the show was awesome and nothing but promise lay ahead). Each episode of True Blood was named after a song, and American blues musician Slim Harpo's "Strange Love" couldn't have been a more perfect choice for the first episode of the vampire/werewolf/fairies/witches/whatever else would stick to the wall series. Even if you didn't love True Blood, you can't argue that the show's music was amazing, and may even be its greatest legacy. So enjoy tonight's Honey Jam, and check out the rest of True Blood's music... It's worth it. ~RH