The Horror Honeys: Vampire Sunday Jam - 'Blue in the Face'

Vampire Sunday Jam - 'Blue in the Face'

And I don't dream since I quit sleeping
No, I haven't slept since I met you
And you can't breathe without coughing in daytime
Neither can I
So what do you say, your coffin or mine?

Never stops being funny.
Oh but to go back to a time when vampires existed without being the subject of Twilight-based memes. (But for the record, Twilight memes are hilarious.) Pop-punk band Alkaline Trio knew how to capitalize on what was once awesome, and did a smashing job on their album, Good Mourning.  The album explored the darker side of relationships, often using metaphors of vampirism to make their points. Perhaps the best of the tracks tonight's Honey Jam, "Blue in the Face." Enjoy this kickass ballad, kids, and try to remember that glorious age when vampires were the masters of darkness and not punchlines.