The Horror Honeys: Vampire Spooky Kid Jam ~ 'Vampire Kiss'

Vampire Spooky Kid Jam ~ 'Vampire Kiss'

As the sky grows dark
A fallen star is there to light your way
The Devil knows what we are
And I thought I heard him say 
"We sleep all day, we party all night, never grow old. 
It's fun to be one of us, but how far will you go?"
I don't wanna live forever! 
But I don't wanna die like this! 
One thing's for sure, there's only one cure for a fading reflection. 
And I never could resist your vampire kiss…

Suggested by Monster Honey Jennica, Stellar Corpses' "Vampire Kiss" is just the right song to wrap up a Spooky Kid Saturday during Vampire Month! As you can tell from the lyrics, but definitely the video, Stellar Corpses really loves The Lost Boys. And why shouldn't they? They're from Santa Cruz, also known as Santa Carla, the hometown of those sexy-ass vampires. "Vampire Kiss" is catchy as hell, and after you watch the video, you're pretty much guaranteed to run for your copy of The Lost Boys. I know I did. ~RH