The Horror Honeys: Vampire Sci-Friday Jam ~ 'It's a Monster'

Vampire Sci-Friday Jam ~ 'It's a Monster'

Everybody was born in it
Sure as hell gonna die in it
Some people don't give a shit
Whether or not they're full of it
It's on my mind most of the time
That's when you find we all go blind
Then it will start to get in our hearts
It's gone too far, that's who we are
It's a monster
We all have within us

When it comes to Stephen King stories about vampires, the best is unequivocally... Salem's Lot. Sleepwalkers is pretty terrible. But, it has its campy charms (and it helps that it stars Alice Krige and M├Ądchen Amick), plus it features this ridiculous song by 80s band Extreme that sounds like its about masturbation and not monsters. However, it was either "It's a Monster" or an Enya song and I'm not trying to entirely kill any cool cred I may have by admitting I like Enya. Which you can't prove that I do. Nope. ~RH