The Horror Honeys: Vampire Revenge Wednesday Jam - 'After Dark'

Vampire Revenge Wednesday Jam - 'After Dark'

I find myself in her room 
Feel the fever of my doom 
Falling falling 
Through the floor 
I'm knocking on the Devil's door 
In the Dawn 
I wake up to find 
Her gone 
And a note says 
Only After Dark

While I'm not a slavering Tarantino fan, one thing I will give that bastard is that I know that when I'm watching a film I know he's involved with, I will be in love with the soundtrack and flail around desperately trying to find bits and pieces from it. "After Dark" is one of those songs, and it's also the accompaniment to one of the sexiest scenes in a vampire movie EVER - you know what I'm talking about, Satanico Pandemonium (aka Salma Hayek) writhing with a giant python and feeding Richie Gecko her foot... as if kicking Tarantino in the face wasn't a fetish already. ~HH