The Horror Honeys: Vampire Monday Jam - 'Moon Over Bourbon Street'

Vampire Monday Jam - 'Moon Over Bourbon Street'

It was many years ago that I became what I am
I was trapped in this life like an innocent lamb
Now I can only show my face at noon
And you'll only see me walking by the light of the moon
The brim of my hat hides the eye of a beast
I've the face of a sinner but the hands of a priest
Oh you'll never see my shade or hear the sound of my feet
While there's a moon over Bourbon Street

Mmmmm, Sting. Sting as a vampire. Sting as an Anne Rice vampire. Sting as a sexy, sultry, pasty New Orleans Anne Rice vampire.

Yeah... Just listen. I'll be having a moment to myself over here. ~RH