The Horror Honeys: Vampire Jam ~ Not Meant For Me

Vampire Jam ~ Not Meant For Me

Jonathan Davis ~ Not Meant for Me

I'm trapped in this world, lonely and fading
Heart broke and waiting for you to come
We are stuck in this world
That's not meant for me, for me

So what you got?
One last shot
It seems to me that you're not needed
Come on it's killing me
Let's see you've got the call
Come take it all

Vampire films of the 00s are full of angry heavy music, and Queen of the Damned is no different. Come for the vampires, and then turn up the soundtrack and forget that you're watching a really terrible movie.
It might just be me and the music I was listening to in the 90s/early 00s, but watching Stuart Townsend lip synch to a backing track of Jonathan Davis' grinding vocals made my skin crawl... that voice shouldn't come out of that face - cue my goth/alt rock girl the rage. Fun fact: Davis was brought on to write the majority of the music featured in Queen of the Damned, but due to contractual difficulties, Davis could not sing on the soundtrack album release. According to the film, the lyrics of the songs performed by the band The Vampire Lestat are supposed to reveal vampire secrets, but in all honesty they are painfully lonely, and more than a little darkly damaged and angrily fearful, which is kind of Jonathan Davis' hallmark - and very much a reflection of the Lestat that the film delivers... ~HH