The Horror Honeys: Vampire Horror TV Jam ~ 'I Wish I Was the Moon'

Vampire Horror TV Jam ~ 'I Wish I Was the Moon'

Chimney falls and lovers blaze
Thought that I was young
Now I've freezing hands & bloodless veins
As numb as I've become
I'm so tired,
I wish I was the moon tonight

You may not have realized it, but every episode of True Blood was named after a song that featured in that week's episode. The soundtrack was one of the more entertaining elements of the show, even when it started to fall off narratively. But out of all the perfectly soundtracked moments, one of the best will always be the conclusion of season four, episode six, as Sookie and Eric have mad, passionate vamp sex in the woods while Neko Case's "I Wish I Was the Moon" played in the background. It was sexy, gorgeous, and if your jaw didn't drop, you aren't human. Or some supernatural version of human anyway...

Also... don't pretend you don't remember this.
You do. We allllllll do.