The Horror Honeys: The Haunted Bookclub ~ 'Remember Me This Way'

The Haunted Bookclub ~ 'Remember Me This Way'

A Hardcover Honey Book of the Week Review by Jocelyn

Remember Me This Way – Sabine Durrant

When they’re done right, I love alternating narrative books, and Remember Me This Way certainly qualifies. The book even features different fonts, which I love as it helps me remember who is talking!

This was a quick read so I’ll make it a quick review and not spoil anything for you! Lizzie Carter’s husband Zach died a year ago and it’s been a hard year for mousy little Lizzie. When she visits the site of his car crash to deliver flowers, she finds a flower arrangement already in place, with a card signed “Xenia” – who is this mysterious Xenia?? And why does Lizzie all of a sudden have a feeling that Zach may not be as dead as everybody seems to think?

We get deep into their relationship, from the early days where they met online on through their wedding and later, less happy, times between them. All the while we have Lizzie chapters and Zach chapters, and it’s easy to see right away that Zach is presenting a different face to the public than he is to us, the reader, in what later turns out to be his diary. Although he claims to be an artist, he seems unable to actually sell any work, and Lizzie supports them both with her work at a school library. Zach is jealous of any time she spends away from him and makes it clear to her that he should be her very top priority.

When Lizzie starts to get a sense that Zach is still alive and is stalking her, leaving little clues in the house they shared, painting himself into a picture, etc, she begins trying to track him down. Her first stop is Zach's childhood home, where she finds that the man she married may not be exactly who she thought.

Although this was somewhat reminiscent of Before I Go to Sleep which was also an entertaining Nicole Kidman/Colin Firth movie last year, Remember Me This Way has enough going for it to distinguish the two stories. Throughout the book, we’re never really sure – Is Zach alive or dead? Is Lizzie crazy?  

It all ramps up to a satisfying conclusion with a few twists even this jaded reader did not see coming – which is always a treat!

Hardcover Honey verdict: 4 out of 5 creepy manipulative jerks

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