The Horror Honeys: Scream: You'll Never See it Coming

Scream: You'll Never See it Coming

A Horror TV Honey Season Overview by Lisa

Scream (2015) MTV
Season 1

One has to wonder what Mtv was getting at when they promised us that we Wouldnt see it coming.Were they speaking of our supreme disappointment over the dumbing down of a beloved horror franchise? Was it the cringe worthy, overly self conscious dialogue? I know what it was; it was the least interesting killer reveal since Rebecca Gayheart in Urban Legend.

When all of the initial rumors and buzz began to swirl, Wes Craven was an active part of the show and this was the only positive facet of what seemed like a pretty terrible idea. The Scream film franchise had already been stretched a little too thin with Scream 4. While mostly worthwhile, its  ultra meta moments and its killers overly current pop culture driven motive is what most found unsavory. So, what do they do with the television show? Expand on the very things that most didnt care for in the last film instalment.

Apparently this is what high school students look like.
This Scream loving TV Baby put on her Positivity Hat for the series premiere and had a hard time remaining positive in the face of generic teen dialogue, constant music advertising and shoddy looking production values. Seems strange that a school full of spoiled rich kids wouldnt be able to afford real jerseys for their basketball team, but its also kind of suspicious that the main players in this show havent been anywhere near a high school for years.  With the exception of Tracy Middendorf (New Nightmare) and Jason Wiles (Third Watch) everyone appears to be within 5 years of each other, age wise. This is really distracting when the town slut is hooking up with one of her teachers and the visiting journalist is getting cozy with the teens at school. They all look the same age! Who cares if Brooke is sleeping with Mr. Branson if they would both check the same box on an application asking for their age? And dont even get me started on Piper. Trying to make me believe that she is older than Emma, Audrey and Noah is going to be tougher than getting me to believe that Rutger Hauer knew what he was doing on the set of Dracula 3D.

After realizing that this show was not written for my age group, but for the young, new horror fan who has been weaned on social media, I became very appreciative of what it was doing. Starting the show off with the negative consequences of a viral video is exceptionally timely and it was nice to see a show not shy away from all of the numerous ways that the internet is not actually your friend when you use it for nefarious purposes. In fact, multiple issues that face people in middle school and high school were addressed in a non judgmental way and I found this to be a nice touch that a lot of other shows choose to gloss over. Unfortunately, this is where all of the realness ends. 

See, Noah understands. 
As our group of painfully thin and perfectly coiffed ladies spend far too much energy worrying about whether or not the vacuous object of their affection is a killer, the two token adults have painfully boring conversations while standing over dead bodies. Not only does our sole morgue employee do all of the forensics on the victims, but she also goes to all of the murder scenes and helps the local sheriff with finding clues and detaining suspects. She also has no qualms about sharing all of this information with her daughter who just so happens to be the prime target of our masked killer.

As is the norm with masked killers, this one seems to have more hours in the day that the rest of us and manages to taunt everyone via phone and computer while simultaneously dispatching of them one by one in clever and interestingways. Wearing what is supposed to be a medical mask, he really just looks like a sex doll that got left out in the rain. Every Red Herring is dispatched as quickly as you can say, Ill be right back.and by the time the killer is revealed its not very shocking, if at all. For those of us who are cynical enough to complain about this, they graced us with a surprise”  at the very end of the season. Again, file this reveal under Things I totally saw coming.” 

Medical mask or sex doll? 
There is a bright spot in all of this, though. John Karna as Noah was the resident Randy who liked to remind everyone of the rules of horror movies and provide comic relief. Karna is delightful and, at times, the only thing that kept me from turning the show off.

To say the first season of Scream is uneven would be generous. After a wobbly start, it had a few solid episodes that held promise of great things to come, but it ultimately became enamored with its wittydialogue and meta comedy. For me, the ultimate nail in the coffin was the cursory mention of Wes Craven who passed days before the season finale aired. Relatives of cast members on The Real Housewives have received more respect than Mtv showed Mr. Craven and that is the most egregious crime the show committed.