The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Vampire Cartoon ~ 'Transylvania Express'

Saturday Morning Vampire Cartoon ~ 'Transylvania Express'

If you were a horror-loving kid in the 90s, chances are pretty good you were a big fan of Tales from the Cryptkeeper, a child-friendly weekly visit with the Cryptkeeper himself. Many of the stories from the classic comic books were adapted into hilariously creepy cartoons, many of which featured classic monsters we all knew and loved.

And that is why an episode of Tales from the Cryptkeeper is featured this Vampire Month Saturday... Let's hop aboard the Transylvania Express with Ben and Mike!

Nothing says, "90s" like two doofus surfer dudes who don't know the difference between Australia and Austria, and that is how our intrepid leads end up on a train bound for Transylvania. While my love for California dumbasses is unique to Bill and Ted, the obnoxiousness of Ben and Mike is balanced out by fairly badass vampires. Yes, there were better episodes of Tales from the Cryptkeeper, but if you're looking for a slice of pure 90s ridiculousness, Transylvania Express is pretty great.

As always, check your tickets before you board your plane, and have a spooky Saturday!