The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Vampire Cartoon ~ 'Bunnicula the Vampire Rabbit'

Saturday Morning Vampire Cartoon ~ 'Bunnicula the Vampire Rabbit'

Vampires are impossible to make adorable, right? They're evil, undead, blood-sucking creatures of the night. Well, try telling that to James and Deborah Howe, creators of the Bunnicula series of books, in which an adorable fluffy bunny is accused of being a vampire by Chester, the family cat.

That's some adorable nonsense, and it's the inspiration for this week's vampire-themed horror cartoon!

If you were a fan of the Bunnicula series of books and then made your parents hunt down the film on VHS, you were probably a wee bit disappointed. Bunnicula the film is nothing like the books, and while all the majors players are there, the Bunnicula of the film is actually a vampire bunny who sucks the very juice out of a tomatoes. Harold the dog and Chester make it their mission to figure out what the Romanian bunny is up to, and yes, we know that the bunny is Romanian because Harold speaks Russian (don't overthink it).

Yet, if you've never read the books, or don't actually remember them, Bunnicula is actually kind of cute and personally, I never get tired of watching VHS-quality films on YouTube. So enjoy this odd little slice of 80s adorableness and have a spooky Saturday, kids!