The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Vampire Cartoon ~ 'The Vampire's Lament'

Saturday Morning Vampire Cartoon ~ 'The Vampire's Lament'

It's the first Spooky Kid Saturday of Vampire Month, so clearly we had to kick things off with a vampire cartoon! The Vampire's Lament may not be scary and it may not be gory, but fuck if it isn't cute as a box of baby bats. So join us for this week's horror cartoon, Clark Irving's The Vampire's Lament!

Given his circumstances, you can't blame old Drac for being a little depressed. His place is a mess, he's lonely... What's a vampire to do? You can't help but feel sorry for this version of Dracula, especially given he's the perfect mix of Count Orlock and Bela Lugosi, rendering him just a wee bit creepy, but still utterly adorable. As cartoons about vampires go, you'd do a lot better sharing this one with your kids than a certain other one conjured up by a misogynist manchild who shall remain nameless.

I can't find info on director/animator Clark Irving, but he may be one of the people behind Saving Santa and An American Tale: Fievel Goes West. If so, good on ya, Clark, you do good work.

As always, have a spooky Saturday kids, and may this one be extra undead!