The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Vampire Cartoon ~ 'Count Duckula'

Saturday Morning Vampire Cartoon ~ 'Count Duckula'

This is where your Revenge Honey embraces her "old lady" status with that most favorite of old person phrases... Damnit, they do NOT make cartoons like they used to. In MY day, we had hilarious, horror-themed classics like Beetlejuice, Tales from the Cryptkeeper, and today's adorableness, Count Duckula. That's right, a damn vegetarian, yoga-posing, meditating duck vampire was the star of a cartoon in the 90s.


In today's Count Duckula episode, Dr. Von Goosewin's Invisible Ray, the intrepid vampire hunter Dr. Von Goosewin invents an invisibility ray with the intention of getting close to our beloved Count Duckula. Will he succeed? Is the Count's goose cooked? Probably not, since Goosewin is preciously inept and the Count is surrounded by a frustrated staff who, while they wish he'd cool it with the hippie shit, are also loyal to the core.

Spun off from the British cartoon series, Danger Mouse, Count Duckula is one of the longest running horror cartoons for children, and you can find almost all the episodes on YouTube. But in the meantime, enjoy Dr. Von Goosewin's Invisible Ray and have a spooky undead Saturday, kiddies!