The Horror Honeys: Honey Oscar 2016 Buzz ~ 'Goodnight Mommy' a Contender?

Honey Oscar 2016 Buzz ~ 'Goodnight Mommy' a Contender?

Believe it or not, Oscar Eligibility Season is in full swing, and that means filmmakers are officially scrambling to have their films seen by Oscar voters as early and as often as possible. But one of the first things that happens when Eligibility Season (yes, I used capitals... yes, I am a nerd) arrives is that foreign countries begin submitting their films for consideration for that all important Best Foreign Language Film Oscar nomination.

And this year, a horror film has a real shot at making it to the red carpet.

Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz's psychological thriller, Goodnight Mommy, has been chosen as Austria's official submission to the Academy. While horror films, especially foreign horror films, are a rare thing indeed when it comes to the Oscars, Goodnight Mommy is different from your average horror film. Subtle, elegant, beautiful, and terrifying, depending on the average age of Oscar voters this year, Fiala and Franz's film might have an actual chance of getting a nomination. Even if it doesn't, however, the increased attention for jumping in to the pool is a good thing for any horror film looking to reach a wider market.

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