The Horror Honeys: Honey Nostalgia Buzz ~ 'The Warriors' Catch the Last Train Home

Honey Nostalgia Buzz ~ 'The Warriors' Catch the Last Train Home

As a girl whose New York City blood runs strong (though it's Bronx blood... so about as far as one can possibly get from Coney Island), The Warriors (1979) has been a staple of my film collection since I was a kid. I have a favorite Warrior (Vermin... betcha didn't see that coming) and a favorite non-Warrior Street Gang (the Baseball Furies... duh).

Dat Vermin tho...
So it stands to reason, that when Rolling Stone boarded the Q Train to Coney with most of the original cast at a fan-organized event, I was left bawling like a baby.

There is only one question left kids...

Yes, Cyrus. Yes I can.

On September 13th, David Harris (Cochise), Dorsey Wright (Cleon), Terry Michos (Vermin... still swoon) and Thomas G. Waites (Fox) greeted the fans who had gathered to celebrate The Warriors on the gang's original home turf. Surrounded by fellas clad in their own Warrior-inspired colors, as well as generations of Warriors aficionados, this NYC girl was in tears almost immediately... mostly because I wish I was there. 

Watch the video below and let me know which gang YOU would have signed up with! ~ RH