The Horror Honeys: Friday Favorites ~ Honey Safe Space

Friday Favorites ~ Honey Safe Space

Sometimes, you just... don't understand a movie. We aren't talking about a film for which you don't get the appeal. We're talking about that rare movie that confuses the ever-loving crap out of you. You're sitting in the theater, the credits roll, and you can't even get up from your seat, because you feel like you missed that one key that will tie the whole film together, and help it make sense. But then, something horrible happens. It starts to feel like everyone else understood the movie but you. Maybe they praise it as genius, or rave about mysterious twists and turns and all you can do is smile and nod, hoping no one asks you for your opinion. Because you're likely to react like this:

And you know what? That's okay. Sometimes, movies aren't meant to be understood completely. They aren't all supposed to be easy. And occasionally, everyone else may just be pretending that they get it when they don't. So this week, the Honeys welcome you to our safe space, where we admit to those movies that confounded the hell out of us, and left us wishing there had been subtitles for people who just... don't get it.

Do YOU have a film that left you more lost than an episode of Lost? Tell us on Twitter, using #HoneySafeSpace!

Head Honey Kat ~ 2001: A Space Odyssey - this will probably get me fried by the Kubrick Kamp but fuck it, it baffles the hell out of me.

Revenge Honey Linnie ~ Primer... I even spent hours on websites devoted to explaining the science of the film and all I was left with a headache and regret for the decision not to take Physics in high school.

Sci-Fi Honey 2.0 Katie ~ Donnie Darko, because I had to Google what it meant - and then I was even more confused.

Hardcover Honey Jocelyn ~ Also Primer... confounding Horror Honeys since 2004.

Gamer Honey Kaley ~ Solaris... I have read this book completely and watched the movie and I just DON’T FUCKING UNDERSTAND THIS SHIT!

Supernatural Honey Suzanne ~ I hate to admit this, especially since it’s one of my favorite werewolf films, but The Company of Wolves. Is it a metaphor? Is it a dream within a dream within a dream? Is it just a different telling of Red Riding Hood? Is it so simple I CAN’T FIGURE IT OUT?!?!?!?!? I’ve been watching this film since I was a kid and I don’t get it. I love it though.

Horror TV Honey Lisa ~ Oblivion. I have absolutely no idea happened, but my Tom looked fab.

Zombie Honey Bella ~ 12 Monkeys - I am not afraid to admit this. Time travel fucks me up. Every damn time. I’ve seen this movie at least 12 times and every damn time, I have to ask someone to tell me when and where we are in the movie. I hurts my non-time-traveling pea brain. It’s not as high-brow and complicated as Primer, but that’s at the tip-top of my list.

Monster Honey Jennica ~ Beyond the Black Rainbow. I probably would have loved this movie if I knew what in the actual hell was going on.