The Horror Honeys: Fear The Walking Dead: Season 1, Episode 4 ~ Not Fade Away

Fear The Walking Dead: Season 1, Episode 4 ~ Not Fade Away

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

According to Travis, the cavalry has arrived and it seems to have taken the form a gate community overseen by the military. In case you were unable to understand from the Lou Reed lyrics running over some decidedly Breaking Bad type of imagery, Nick is sitting on top of a roof and narrating our current events for us. In typical teenage fashion, hes full of cynicism and what he believes are really deep and meaningful insights. As he pans his handheld camera over what is left of the neighborhood, he spots some flashing lights in the distance and immediately recognizes it as an S.O.S. Am I the only girl scout who wasnt paying attention during the meeting where we learned Morse Code?

Madison and Travis are having some strife because she has been left to tend to a drug addict, an angry teenage daughter, an M.I.A. ex-wife and wounded house-guests while Travis runs around the neighborhood playing Rick Grimes. Travis is no Rick Grimes, though. No, that title belongs to Madison, but no one really knows it yet; not even her. 

Travis is acting like a true addict and stealing morphine from an ailing neighbor while Liza runs around acting like Florence Nightingale only to be called out by a government doctor who, ultimately, takes her away at the end of the episode. Perhaps this particular storyline will lead to us seeing into what the government knows, or doesnt know, about the virus.

Madison, once again, proves that shes a badass by leaving the safe zone only to find a dizzying amount of dead people who were not infected prior to death. As she hides under a car next to a decaying body, the military comes through looking for survivors and we are now all certain that the military is not here for 100% altruistic reasons. Arriving back home, she has an interesting conversation with Daniel which is enlightening on multiple levels. Daniel has seen true evil and it has formed his current beliefs and opinions. Daniel was eyeing Travis and Madison last episode because he was figuring out who the true leader in the house was and you could practically take the disgust in his mouth when he realized it wasnt Travis. We are in the world of The Walking Dead, though, and in this world we embrace strong women and I do believe we have just seen the formation of L.A. Rick and Carol. 

Interestingly, what we have on this show is a group of people who know how to survive, but they are challenged with trying to survive as a group. Cue the military coming in and taking away one member of each family. We already know that Madison and Daniel are more than capable of rising to the occasion, but is Travis? I guess well find out in the final two episodes of the season.

There has been grumbling that FTWD is moving slowly, but people say the same thing about TWD, so Im here with my usual argument. Fear The Walking Dead is a drama. It resides on the same network that brought you Mad Men and The Killing. In fact, AMC even has a tagline saying, We know drama.They told us up front that this would be a drama focusing on a family at the start of the viral outbreak and that is exactly what they are delivering. Its reminiscent of 28 Days Later in the sense that there is human drama intercut with moments of real suspense and horror. Sure, there are tons of convenient circumstances, well worn tropes and generic storytelling, but the same can be said for The Walking Dead. In some ways, this show improves upon its predecessor. Every time TWD begins to flail around with too much talking, they throw in an episode full of walker attacks and awesome gore and this appeases the masses. FTWD has not done that and, in turn, is weeding out people who are tuning in simply for zombie attacks. The term slow burnis about as worn out as torture porn, but thats what FTWD is. Its slow burn horror and Im enjoying it quite a bit. What about you? Let me know on Twitter!

  • I enjoy that Madison is drinking what I can only assume is alcohol out of a Zion National Park mug.
  • Lt. Moyers is very funny and I quite enjoy the way he speaks in a tone that suggests interest, but he clearly has none.
  • Hello Shawn Hatosy!! TWD and FTWD should hire all currently non working actors from Southland. 
  • Madison, I fully support you hitting Nick.