The Horror Honeys: Fear the Walking Dead: Season 1, Episode 3 ~ The Dog

Fear the Walking Dead: Season 1, Episode 3 ~ The Dog

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

After a week off, Fear The Walking Dead picks up right where it left off and the sense of urgency is still present. And I love it.

While Nick is trying to wean himself off of drugs in the safety of his home, Madison waits for Travis to make it out of that barber shop. Its not bad enough that people are turning into flesh eaters, so the general public is looting because, you know, tearing up a barber shop is totally going to help the situation. The scenes that play out in downtown L.A. are gritty with a sense of real terror of the unknown. Its kind of like being treated to a mini horror movie!

Playing Monopoly isnt going to help anything, but at least Maddie and her kids arent being assholes and looting the joint. I do find it interesting that the white family is comfortable at home while the non white family is fighting for their lives in the streets. Oh well. Seeing L.A. go dark was a great visual reminder that hell on earth has only just begun.
He's shady with a capital S.
While Maddie, Nick and Alicia go to the neighbors house to check on her and then ransack the place, Travis miraculously shows up at Maddies and we are treated to some legitimately suspenseful moments that culminate in shooting a walker in the head with a shotgun. In case you forgot that these walkers are brand new, this shotgun blast did not kill him. No, it took another, point blank, blast from the shotgun to end this walkers life and treat us to a stupendously gory aftermath. Bless you, Greg Nicotero.
Nope... not dead yet.

Daniel plays L.A. Carolby suggesting that burning the bodies is the only way to stop the spread of the virus. Thank goodness Travis is a teacher because he has the logic to point out that we have no idea how the virus spreads. Seeing as how this group wont be visiting the CDC in Georgia, its going to be interesting to see what they find out about the sickness.

Despite all of the negativity that everyone seems all too eager to throw at this show, I find it absolutely delightful that instead of pitting the two women against one another, they choose to work with one another. Even in the zombie apocalypse, ladies can act like ladies and work together because we all know damned well that were the superior sex anyway. Our bodies
are designed to physically outlast men. We should always work together and not create division.  Unfortunately, Maddie listened to L.A. Hersheland didnt kill Susan when she had the chance and Susans husband came home to an infected wife and a military takeover of his home. I suppose its true that hindsight is always 20/20.

Sticking with the theme of believing that the government always has our best interests at heart, Travis states that things are going to get better now that the calvary (the military) has arrived. If by better, he means that a bunch of guys in fatigues with guns are taking over the neighborhood, then we might have differing ideas of what betteris. Everyone knows that a military takeover never ends well in these apocalyptic situations. 

With only three episodes, FTWD has managed to establish a group of people who are easy to root for, given us a character who makes suspicious statements and decisions and they have brought in a whole new group of people who will either be helpful or really start to mess things up. For this TV Baby, Im enjoying seeing a different aspect of the same old story and the pace they are using to showcase the utter panic of not understanding what is happening is providing some truly great moments of suspense.

The Cavalry?
  • NEVER pick up a barber or stylists tools. I will literally cut a bitch if they touch my shears.
  • Have I mentioned how much I love a shotgun to the head?
  • Where are they going in the desert?!
  • Its really starting to gross me out that Nick is still wearing dead guys clothes.