The Horror Honeys: Fear The Walking Dead: Season 1, Ep 5 ~ Cobalt

Fear The Walking Dead: Season 1, Ep 5 ~ Cobalt

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

Griselda sums up this episode quite nicely when she says, Now I know your nature. Now you know mine.When the zombie apocalypse comes, youre either a Madison or a Travis and, unfortunately, being a Madison is the best idea. Its nice that Travis wants to believe in the greater good of people, but that rarely ever pans out as is proven by the heartless emotional beatdown provided by the charismatic stranger at the opening of the episode. As this man looks down at Nick and asks, Who the hell are you?its the exact same question we are all thinking about him, but we should be asking it of ourselves. Who will you be when the shit hits the fan?

Apparently, Chris will be a spoiled brat who behaves disrespectfully which doesnt make a lot of sense seeing as how his mom is driven to help injured people and his dad is trying to make everyone happy and keep the peace. Lets just say that I wont be crying if Nick doesnt see next season.

House Bolton represent! 
Travis, being the good guy that he is, thinks he has a friendly rapport with Lt. Moyers and hopes to use it in an effort to get Nick and Griselda back. Moyers is very interesting: he speaks in a friendly and light tone with a constant smile on his face. Human nature dictates that we take this at face value and this is why Travis is more than a little taken aback when hes taken downtown by Moyers and gets to see what the military is actually doing. 

As an initiation of sorts, Travis is forced to shoot a walker, but he just cant do it with those dead eyes staring back at him and a name tag that reminds him this walker used to be someone. Just like Hershel storing walkers in the barn, Travis still believes that things can be made right. I wonder how long it will take for him to realize that compassion is now a liability.

Preach it, Griselda! 
Madison is the kind of woman who grabs a knife before going to inspect suspicious noises in the basement only to find a hostage situation. Daniel has Andrew strapped to a chair and hes about to carry out the kind of behavior that he was taught to understand. Daniel wants to know what cobaltmeans in military speak and he will flay Andrews arm in order to get the answer. We now understand that in the past, Daniel acted as an interrogator and that is why he is the only one who has remained cool under all of this pressure. Griseldas final words also enlighten us to the fact that she knew of Daniels actions and she wasnt kidding when, at the beginning of all of this madness, she said that she had survived worse things in her life.

After the heart to heart that took place between Madison and Daniel last episode, we know that they have an understanding that sometimes you need to do ugly things to protect the ones that you love. Madison chooses to look the other way while Daniel tortures Andrew and you have to wonder what the emotional consequences of this will be. Especially when Travis finds out about it.

I like this guy. I like him a lot.

Anyway. what is Cobalt? Cobalt is the command code to initiate evacuation from the L.A. base, but only for military personnel. Cobalt also includes procedures for the humane termination of the people in custody on base (i.e. Nick) and this is all happening at oh-nine-hundred tomorrow. Nick doesnt know it yet, but he should be thanking Xenu that his mom is the badass that she is because you just know shes going to find a way to rescue him. I wonder how shell get along with that charismatic stranger who has just obligated Nick to him because he knows a heroin addict when he sees one and an addict understands the true meaning of the word necessity. The game has changed and we are now back to living with the old rules. The people with their grande lattes and frequent flier miles are about to become the buffet.

After last weeks episode establishing each characters emotional shortcomings, this episode has set the stage for an exciting season finale. Lines have been drawn, lines have been crossed and peoples true natures have been exposed. All in time for the people with a survivors mentality to rise up against the very people who were sent in to control and alleviate the situation. Yup. Shit is about to get real.
Travis, she's a walker. Kill her. 


  • Can we hope for a cameo from Ramsay Bolton?? Surely, someone had to train Daniel in the ways of House Bolton.
  • Just how much pertinent information is that military doctor keeping from Liza?
  • Can we please, for the love of all that is stylish, get Nick some pants that fit?