The Horror Honeys: Fear the Walking Dead, S1, E2: 'So Close, Yet So Far'

Fear the Walking Dead, S1, E2: 'So Close, Yet So Far'

A Horror TV Honey Recap with Lisa

Since I was in the minority in terms of enjoying the pilot episode of Fear The Walking Dead, I was looking forward to the second episode, and this one delivered some action, suspense, and more drama. 

As Alicia enters Matts house, she finds things in disarray because he has the flu. Just kidding. Hes totes turning into a walker and Alicia insists on staying with him because, If he has it, I have it.In fact, Alicia is just full of super helpful statements and observations in this episode. Hopefully, she doesnt stay this way for the remainder of the series.

Travis, Nick and Madison are the only ones smart enough to know to get out of town and their plan is to go to the desert. Take a shot of alcohol every time one of them says, the desert," but dont complain to me about your hangover the next morning. According to the Estately Blog, they might be on to something because the desert states have the best possible survival rate when the zombie apocalypse occurs.

Until they can get to the desert, though, Nick is going to need to do some detoxing and Travis is going to need to find his son and warn his ex wife. Unfortunately, Liza and Chris are being the opposite of helpful in Travisendeavor to get them to safety, which means that Travis and Madison are going to be separated, and we will soon be rooting for their reunion. Now, Liza proves pretty easy to locate, but Chris is a bit more elusive, until his mom spots the protest hes participating in on television. What is it about human nature that drives people to gather into large groups and cause chaos? The yelling, chanting, and looting are doing absolutely zero to help the current situation. Oh well, at least theres a barber shop for them to hide in. At this point, I choose to ignore the glaring similarities to The Strain because I loathe that particular show.

That is some hardcore hipster nonsense.
Unfortunately, the easiest place for Madison to find drugs to help Nick come down is at the high school where she works. Conveniently, she runs into Tobias, the one kid who knows what is up in the world. As they try to escape with supplies, they run into Artie who is, clearly, not doing well. For some reason, Madison pulls a Lizzy and tries to communicate with Artie and this just means that we almost lose Tobias. We cant lose Tobias! Im not really sure why; I just wanted to be as dramatic as the show. 

Well, Maggie and her perfectly imperfect beach-y waves are barely holding it together as she tries to get her heartbroken daughter and detoxing son to the desert. Speaking to Travis on the phone, she really doesnt want to leave without him, but shes a tough woman and I know she can do this. Instead of helping or allowing her daughter to help the neighbor across the street, she closes the door and chooses the survival of her own family. Is this the dawn of a female driven Ricktatorship? I hope so!

She has the scowl of a Ricktator.

  • Masses of people stocking up their cars with water is what Northern Nevada looks like this time of year. Welcome, Burning Man attendees!
  • To further prove this point, the girl shot down by police at the protest, looks like shes on her way to Burning Man.
  • Its refreshing to see an accurate portrayal of how people actually behave towards their loved ones who suffer from addiction problems. Its a true love/hate relationship.
  • Why didnt Nick change his clothes?
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