The Horror Honeys: 30 Days of Night: Why Is Everyone Always Whispering?!

30 Days of Night: Why Is Everyone Always Whispering?!

A Slasher Honey "Vampire Month" Review by Chassity

30 Days of Night (2007)

Confession: I generally do not like creature horror movies. I usually find them to be boring, overly dramatic, and hard to connect to. And they are generally so unrealistic that they aren't relatable enough to be scary. 

I cannot say that the latter was the case for 30 Days of Night. I will gladly admit that I was wrong because this movie was absolutely terrifying. 

So, somewhere in Alaska, Josh Hartnett is the sheriff of a purposely exclusive town that is right on the cusp of a thirty-day-long dark period, hence the name of the film. Some people are trying to leave, but according to a throwaway line or two from Sheriff Eben, no one really comes to town during the thirty days of darkness...

Except Ben Foster, that is: a super creepy random new guy who serves as a harbinger of impending doom, waxing dramatic about the danger everyone faces. 

Anyway, this is perfect atomosphere for the undead, because it's a great setup for them to come to town and wreak havoc, terrorizing the citizens of this darkened vampire havem. 

Sweet baby Cthulhu! WHY? WHY????
But these aren't just any old vampires. They're not your basic Dracula wannabes. No, these are the creepiest, most menacing and evil looking vampires I've ever seen. They present as more of a zombie/vampire crossing, and they don't just want to bite your neck and suck your blood. No, these vampires want to kick your butt, torture you, and also talk to you. They have plans for you, and are more animalistic than you'd expect any vampire to be, especially if you grew up watching Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. 

I'll admit that the major selling point for 30 Days of Night was, for me, Josh Hartnett. I think I am the lone Honey who's a fan of his, and I think he should always do only horror. But, I have to say, even he disappointed me in this. It felt like he, as well as the other actors, were phoning it in. 

"This is my acting face."
Ben Foster was the lone exception. He was brilliant in his small role. But then again I think he gives great performances in pretty much every movie he's in. 

In fact, all the parts without the vampires were boring, generic, and could have been taken from any movie about people in an apocalyptic situation. There were times when it got so boring that I started to drift and daydream about other things. Well, that, and the fact that the actors in this movie were doing that thing where they whisper for no reason when they're trying to be dramatic and show intense emotion.

But those vampires. I cannot stress enough how badass they were. They made the less interesting scenes tolerable and that's what made this movie one to add to the list of rare films that actually scared me. 

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