The Horror Honeys: Zombie Buzz: 6:15 - You’re Already Out of Time

Zombie Buzz: 6:15 - You’re Already Out of Time

Zombie Honey Buzz by Bella

Nuh uh.
No, thank you.

As I’m typing this news blurb up for you folks I’m still shaking my head from the trailer. What trailer? The trailer for a new indie zombie film called 6:15 from brothers Ben and Oliver Samuels (Kantemir). 

But, Zombie Honey, you just wrote about how independent movies were the saving grace of the zombie genre.
I hope he goes left.

Yes, yes I did. But did I ever tell you about how much I despise POV movies? Not just found-footage films, but actual point-of-view movies? The type of movie that THINKS it’s immersing you into the footage, when really all it’s doing is looking in all the opposite direction you want to look and constantly frustrating you that you it’s not actually YOUR OWN POINT OF VIEW?!

And that is what this movie is. The brothers describe it as:

With tonal homages to Romero, the audience *is* the protagonist, living the action and emotion of a viral outbreak on an isolated Pennsylvania farm. With Practical FX by three Face/Off contestants, what you see on camera in one-shot, in real-time, from the first-person perspective is a whole new level of immersive horror experience!
6:15 is a true horror indie, made outside the studio system on location in Romero's Pennsylvania.”

That’s great. That sounds exciting. But then I watched the first clip… and, needless to say (although I’m saying it), my constant desire to force the perspective to look up a little more, distracted from the potential solid acting (they’re frantic, I get it) and the decent effects work (look, gore!)... I’m already tapping out of this one, guys.