The Horror Honeys: Ten MORE Hot and Dead Horror Men!

Ten MORE Hot and Dead Horror Men!

A Revenge Honey Top Ten of Hotness by Linnie (with suggestions from the Honeys!)

It wasn't that long ago that The Horror Honeys paid tribute to their favorite attractive MALE horror victims in order to combat the general horror media obsession with female victims and their tits. Clearly, there are far more than ten hot fellas who have taken it in the gut or the skull... or both... so we decided to bring you ten MORE of our favorites.

This may become a regular occurrence.

Obviously... spoilers ahead. As always, don't be an asshole.

AJ Bowen in You're Next
At one time or another, every Honey has had her feels about AJ Bowen. While my personal favorite is A Horrible Way to Die AJ, he, funnily enough, doesn't die in that movie. So You're Next AJ Bowen it is!

Still... AHWTD Bowen... GAH! SO HOT!

Tom Skerritt in Alien
If you claim you didn't love Tom Skerritt in the 70s and 80s, then you're a damn dirty liar. LOOK AT THOSE EYES! LOOK AT THEM! 

He could pilot my Nostromo any day.

Oscar Isaac in Ex Machina

Oscar Isaac is amazing in everything, but in Ex Machina, he danced. OH HOW HE DANCED!

Can't. Stop. Watching.

Henry Cavill in Hellraiser: Hellworld
Was Hellworld a good Hellraiser sequel? Nope. It was barely a passable one. But what it WAS was our introduction to the beautiful piece of living art that is Henry Cavill and his damn Disney Prince good looks. So, pretty much nothing else matters.

GODDAMNIT, you just want to punch him for being so cute!

A young Fisher Stevens in The Burning

What IS it about Fisher Stevens? He dated Michelle Fucking Pfeiffer for the better part of a decade, because she gets it. She may not have understood it either, but she got it. And fuck if I didn't want it too when I was a teenager. 

Fingers or no. Didn't matter.

Alec Baldwin in Beetlejuice
Has Alec Baldwin turned into that uncle we all have that just won't stop saying really offensive things about minorities and the LGBT community? Yes. Yes, he has. But in the 80s, he was a reminder that sometimes, Irish Catholic families with ten thousand kids aren't ALWAYS the worst thing to happen to Hollywood. (Yeah, I'm looking at you Donnie and Mark Wahlberg, you Southie bastards.)

Keep your sassy face to yourself, Alec. You know the Wahlberg's are the worst.

Rufus Sewell in Vinyan
Rufus Sewell has a LOT of fans at the Honeys. Because... damn. And oddly enough, he dies a LOT in his movies. He's basically Sean Bean without all of the venn diagrams and GoT support. It was hard to pick a favorite Rufus death, but Vinyan was emotional, beautiful, and he died like a fucking trooper. So bonus claps.

Death by kids. Fucking kids.

Keir Dullea in Black Christmas
Man, did I grow up loving Keir Dullea. Whether he was in a space suit, or beating the shit out of a piano and being a misogynistic dick to Olivia Hussey in Black Christmas, that jawline was a force to be reckoned with. Would I have wanted to date his BC character? Nope. But he can angrily play me some piano Chopin any day.

Who HASN'T accidentally beaten their boyfriend to death?
Oh, just me? Nevermind.

Brandon Lee in The Crow

Still can't. Not sorry.

Fran Kranz in Cabin in the Woods
Listen, if you only know Fran Kranz from Cabin in the Woods, then you don't know Fran Kranz. But, rather than dwell on your pitiful lack of knowledge of this beautiful and talented human being, let's just engage in some shameless objectification, shall we?

I would bite him to death with a smile on my face. WITH A SMILE!

Do YOU have a favorite hot male horror victim?
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