The Horror Honeys: Supernatural Sunday Jam - 'Me and the Devil'

Supernatural Sunday Jam - 'Me and the Devil'

Early this morning
when you knocked
upon my door
An I say
Hello Satan
I believe its time to go
Me and the Devil
Walking side by side
And I'm gonna see my woman
'til I get satisfied...

Me and the Devil is one of those songs that just begs to be listened to with the lights down low, a glass of whiskey in your hand, and your eyes closed tight. Any other means of listening does it a total disservice. Gil Scott-Heron is best known as a poet; his The Revolution Will Not Be Televised is required reading for any student of history, and his style has influenced generations of rappers and poets. Scott-Heron passed away in 2011 and it was a tragic loss, because the world needs his music and spoken word pieces now more than ever. He will always remain one of my literary idols... ~RH