The Horror Honeys: Supernatural Sunday Jam ~ 'Halloweenhead'

Supernatural Sunday Jam ~ 'Halloweenhead'

Here comes that shit again, I got a Halloween head
Head full of tricks and treats it leads me through the nighttime streets
Black cats and falling trees, under ladders always walking
Salt shaker spills just throw it over your shoulder, babe
I got a bad idea again, I got a Halloween head

I'm not going to lie; your Revenge Honey has a soft spot for Ryan Adams (cue vagina jokes.... now). There may have been a period of my life where I followed his concert tours all over the southeast, seeing him perform more than one time in a weekend. I may even STILL eat regularly at a local pizza place where all of the food is named after Ryan Adams' songs. But none of that negates the fact that he is a spectacular musician, who has written some fabulously odd and creepy songs. So tonight, we bring you "Halloweenhead," which could also double as a nickname for any of the Horror Honeys. Enjoy tonight's honey jam, its truly odd video, and perhaps you TOO can become an obsessed stalker... I mean "professional crazed fan," like me. ~RH