The Horror Honeys: Spooky Kids Saturday Jam ~ 'Rock Until You Drop'

Spooky Kids Saturday Jam ~ 'Rock Until You Drop'

In a hundred years, in the darkest night 
The forces of evil come out to fight 
The amulet, they must destroy 
Or spend forever in the darkest void 
Who can stop their deadly might? 
Who will stand up for the right? 
From the mouth of babes comes dynamite 
The monster squad is gonna groove tonight!

Wolfman's got nards!

The Monster Squad is to horror kids what The Goonies is to almost everyone else: the joy of watching a group of best friends on a great adventure that just happens to involve the arrival of the Universal monsters. When you watched The Monster Squad, you could imagine you and your likeminded buds saving the city from Count Dracula. And nothing quite sealed the monster-hunting deal like Michael Sembello's Monster Squad theme song, "Rock Until You Drop." So fire up this week's Spooky Kids Jam, and hide your twinkies!