The Horror Honeys: Spooky Kids Saturday Jam ~ 'Dream Warriors'

Spooky Kids Saturday Jam ~ 'Dream Warriors'

I feel the touch comin' over me
I can't explain
I hear the voices callin' out
Callin' my name
It's the same desire to feel the fire
That's comin' your way
I'm standing in the night alone
Forever together
With the dream warriors

I've admitted it before, but I'll do so again now: Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors is my FAVORITE NES film. A pint-sized Patricia Arquette, a grown-up Nancy fighting Freddy, and a back story for Freddy that was every bit as horrible as we wanted it be... Dream Warriors took everything good about the original film and put its own spin on it without deviating too far from the formula that made it great. NES wouldn't be this good again until The New Nightmare, and none of the original sequels have ever appealed to me as much based on quality (and not camp) the way Dream Warriors did. Not to mention, THIS KICK ASS THEME SONG COURTESY OF DOKKEN! I mean really... Win/win people. ~RH