The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'Tidy Monster'

Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'Tidy Monster'

Well kids, this week's horror cartoon is going to fuck you up. Consider this your fair warning, because by the time you are done watching Tim Marchant's Tidy Monster, you're probably going to need some fresh air. Or a stiff drink.

Maybe both.

Set inside the fracturing psyche of an unseen narrator, Tidy Monster begins quiet and poetic. But as the film progresses, the tension builds and builds until it becomes almost unbearable and then... it seems the movie has ended. But in fact, Tidy Monster has only just begun, because the monster in the man's mind must keeps things very very tidy, at any cost.

When I say that it is rare for a film to unsettle me as deeply as Marchant's short, I am not exaggerating. Even with a second viewing, I was still just as stressed out and uncomfortable as I had been the first time. But really, spooky kids, isn't that what a horror cartoon is supposed to do?

So don't forget, keep your rooms tidy, little monsters, and as always...

               Have a creepy SaturdaySpooky Kids!