The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'Happy Meal Horror'

Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'Happy Meal Horror'

Because who says a Saturday Morning Cartoon can't level some big old truth bombs on your ass?

After Rocky Curby's Happy Meal Horror, maybe you'll think twice before shoving a Happy Meal down your kid's face hole.

When a baby robot cow is separated from its mother in a factory farm for a a burger chain that is OBVIOUSLY NOT McDonalds, so don't even TRY, he goes on a horrible journey through the slaughterhouse to find his mommy. All the while, our adorable cow protagonist is pursued by a cyclops robot with a chainsaw, so... that's pretty awful. And in the background of almost every scene, we get to watch the process by which those happy little kid's meals are made. And friends... it's probably not THAT far off.

You can practically taste the tears of tortured animals!
So yup, maybe I AM trying to ruin your McDonalds runs. But really... I think we all will benefit from everyone putting down the burgers and eating a few more salads a week. I thank you, and so does your cholesterol. ~RH

Happy Spooky Kid Saturday!

Rocky Curby