The Horror Honeys: Revenge Wednesday Jam - 'Lily (My One and Only)'

Revenge Wednesday Jam - 'Lily (My One and Only)'

Lily, my one and only 
Love is in my heart 
And in your eyes 
Will she or won't she want him 
No one knows for sure but an 
Officer is knocking at my door...

Like any self-respecting 90s girl with an attitude problem, I grew up listening to Smashing Pumpkins like it was my job (which it kind of was. I was a kid!). It's kind of a challenge to pick just one creepy SP classic, but I think my favorite would have to Lily (My Own and Only). Not only is Billy acting like a total stalker, hanging in the trees outside Lily's window, but even as the cops drag him away, he's holding out hope for their love. That's some serious stalker's dedication right there. And it makes it an awesome choice for this special day of weirdness and revenge! ~RH