The Horror Honeys: MOWOW – The 'Starry Eyes' of the 70s… Sort Of.

MOWOW – The 'Starry Eyes' of the 70s… Sort Of.

A Movie of the Week of the Week with Supernatural Honey Suzanne!

Death at Love House (1976)

When Revenge Honey Linnie told me about her Movie of the Week of the Week, I almost exploded! As a child of the 70s/80s, these were a weekly ritual in my house. I, of course, loved the scary ones best. I’m thrilled that Linnie has asked me to participate in this series. I bring to you my very favorite ABC MOW, Death at Love House.

The Story: Joel and Donna Gregory (Robert Wagner and Kate Jackson) are writing a book about the mysterious life and death of infamous 30s actress, Lorna Love, after finding out Joel’s father was once her lover. They decide the best way to research is to stay in her Hollywood mansion, but shenanigans start on their very first night. They encounter suspicious caretakers (Bill Macy and Sylvia Sidney), an angry film director (John Carradine), a bitter rival (Dorothy Lamour), apparitions, and witchcraft! And what’s with the creepy wax figure in the garden shrine?  

Will they live? Will they die? Will they ever finish the book?!

And now, for a quick commercial break!

Death at Love House is special for many reasons, not the least of which is it stars the King and Queen of 70s TV, as well as a plethora of all-star character actors. It has obsession, conspiracy, the search for eternal youth, murder, fire, and flashbacks!

Oh Robert, you scamp!
Man, the 70s kicked ass!

You can watch Death at Love House on Creepster TV.

Supernatural Honey Rating: 4 Marilyn Monroe knock-offs out of 5

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