The Horror Honeys: Horror TV Tuesday Jam ~ 'The Nightingale'

Horror TV Tuesday Jam ~ 'The Nightingale'

The nightingale
It said to me
'There is a love
Meant for me'
The nightingale
It flew to me
And told me
That it found my love

There are more than a few Honeys at HQ that are obsessed with David Lynch's oddball murder odyssey Twin Peaks. So when news broke that the show would be returning with new episodes in 2016, we fired up a pot of coffee, baked a pie or two, and personally, I immediately started my Twin Peaks soundtrack on constant rotation. One of the highlights of the soundtrack was and will always be singer/songwriter/actress/author Julee Cruise. Cruise worked previously with Lynch on the soundtrack for his classic film, Blue Velvet, but it was their collaboration on Twin Peaks that truly yielded some of the most memorable and beautiful results. The vocal version of the shows theme, "Falling," as well as "Into the Night" and this week's Honey Jam, "The Nightingale" were all haunting and dreamlike journeys into another world... much like the show itself. Cruise appeared on the show several times, as well as in the film, Fire Walk With Me, so here's hoping that she will come back to Twin Peaks in 2016! ~RH