The Horror Honeys: Hardcover Thursday Jam - 'To the End'

Hardcover Thursday Jam - 'To the End'

If you marry me,
Would you bury me?
Would you carry me to the end?
So say goodbye to the vows you take
And say goodbye to the life you make
And say goodbye to the heart you break
And all the cyanide you drank...

Leave it to My Chemical Romance to write a song based on A Rose for Emily. Written by William Faulkner, Emily tells the story of a Southern socialite who murders her (supposedly) gay fiancĂ© and then spends the next 50 years locked up in her house with his rotting corpse. A Rose for Emily is easily my favorite Faulkner story, mostly because it's totally sick, in an Antebellum south kind of way. And even in their emo/screamo way, MCR captures the engaging twisted-ness of this classic short. Rock out, Honey-lovers! But don't drink the tea... ~RH